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New TechSoft MD aims to augment TIBCO professional services in Africa

Clinton Scott is now the Managing Director of TechSoft International. With almost 20 years of successful end-to-end business development and solution selling experience to enterprise and financial environments, Clinton has been extremely effective in delivering strategic solutions, linking commercials, and aligning client strategy to global solutions providers, and ICT vendors. Having worked with leaders in nearly every industry sector, along with his international experience across the African, European and Asian continents, TechSoft International is now benefiting from Clinton’s vast degree of experience and his broad market exposure. Clinton has refined his own leadership style over the years has become adept in formulating and implementing growth strategies, driving an increase in revenue and profit, developing and nurturing leadership capacity in others, driving employee engagement and attracting and retaining talent. TechSoft International is pursuing an enhanced provision of TIBCO solutions and professional services in South Africa and 43 other African countries.

“We help customers on their journey to connect everything and leverage their data to make a difference, to make decisions faster and more accurately,” he says. “That’s particularly poignant in a world that’s more connected, where data is growing at an exponential rate, 73% of which Forrester says goes unused for analytics, which is where the real value lies. My goal at TechSoft, is to help customers unlock that value through the TIBCO solutions and a comprehensive professional services offering that we are fortifying through select partnerships.”

Scott’s 20-year career includes stints as e-commerce manager at Incredible Connection, key accounts sales manager at Internet Solutions, portfolio executive of Business and Financial Services at Telkom, and regional managing executive: East Coast at BCX before joining TIBCO in May, 2019.

TIBCO South Africa became TechSoft International at the end of October 2018 through a strategic partnership agreement with TIBCO Software. TechSoft International is a level 1 B-BBEE services and solutions provider powered by TIBCO’s connected intelligence solutions that integrate and mobilise data.

“One of my primary goals will be to engage the TIBCO community in South Africa and Africa, to develop our professional services competency in the business and strengthen it through partners,” says Scott.

“We intend continuing to serve our blue-chip client base on the continent that includes some of the most prominent brands in telecommunications, financial services, retail, government, and aviation. We are also in the process of bringing our extensive value proposition to the medium enterprise market that is hungry for the benefits of integration and analytics to drive their own digitalisation projects and programmes.”

Scott anticipates businesses of all sizes, including the mid-market, will continue to benefit from TIBCO’s Accelerators. They are an approach to customer engagements that deliver digital business solutions for a variety of business activities and processes. These pre-packaged, reusable processes are applicable to Internet of Things (IoT), business activity monitoring, connected vehicles, foreign exchange dealing, real-time inventory, insurance pricing, risk management and others.